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EZ Awakenings was founded by Marquis W and Victor G. They began with the sole intention of making inspirational & educational videos to help grow our community's emotional intelligence. But after the success of The Ego & Me, EZA's first documentary, people started asking the team to conduct seminars and workshops. Written material was requested. Corporate training was brought into the conversation. Before long, a simple idea snowballed into a nonprofit organization designed to inspire as many people around the world as it could. And here we are today, here to serve you. 

We are a team comprised of a range of visionaries, counselors, professors and entrepreneurs driven to help those feeling lost to find their way home. Lots of changes are being made around here these days, so bear with us as we continuously make improvements to this site and our content.

Thank you so much for taking the time to be with us! 

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The purpose of EZ Awakenings is to inspire. A lack of inspiration leads to feelings of despondency and powerlessness, which lead to very serious consequences in our lives. Suicide rates increase. Depression amplifies. Substance abuse skyrockets. Because our society is driven by processed productivity, our inner conditions are often chalked up to one end of a massive spectrum: silly emotions or a mental health disease, with its cure left to a pill from a prescription. 


In a society where pill-popping has become an epidemic, we believe the first line of defense is a solid mindset on handling stress. The development of this mindset requires education, however. That's where EZ Awakenings comes in. We deliver our education to segments of the population we feel need the most attention. Through films, workshops, and books we focus our message on segments of the population in high-stress environments, such as students & educators, corporations (workers and management), and ex-convicts & law enforcement. While the world is focused on squeezing every last drop out of you, we are focused on bringing the most out of you; on introspection, inspiration, and empowerment. We are focused on your mental health.

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*This site is not intended to provide or constitute as medical, legal, or other professional advice. EZ Awakenings is designed to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition.